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All Negative. NAT Sifting in Sampling Site of Wuqing Development Zone Done Efficiently (With videos attached)


To further boost pandemic prevention and control work and ensure safety and health of the general public to the maximum,and following requirements from the municipal prevention and control headquarter,the prevention and control headquarter of Wuqing District decided to throw a wide-scaled SAT sifting on people engaged in the construction in construction sites throughout the district at 3:00 p.m.on August 6.


The sifting opened 12 sampling points in the area,and a total of 19,187 people were tested.Wuqing Development Zone soon pulled off initiation work at sampling sites within two hours based on conditions of people waiting to be screened at the construction site assigned by the District Housing and Construction Committee,was hasted to deploy more than 80 members from the pandemic prevention and control working group of the development zone and coordinated 28 medical personnel for sampling to show up on time,all in an effort to ensure that the screening work be carried out on time and with efficiency.


All people wore masks during screening.After receiving investigation on middle-to-high-risk regions,temperature measurement,and code verification,they entered the sampling point,produced their own ID cards,and passed through the waiting area,queuing area,and information registration area at an interval of one meter before entering NAT.The entire process was rigorous and orderly to ensure that people be inspected be inspected thoroughly.


Despite hot weather during the test period,medical staff wore a full set of protective clothing and insisted on sampling.Staffs braved the scorching weather to maintain order at the scene.The principal in charge of Health and Hygiene Commission and the Housing Construction Committee and the commander-in-chief of the Wuqing Development Zone Pandemic Prevention and Control Headquarter presented scene to coordinate and work out practical problems.With efforts of all parties,Wuqing Development Zone successfully finished off SAT of 3949 people on the spot,and the test results were all negative.




Release Time:2021-08-10 14:33:07