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Blockbuster News. Wuqing Development Zone Shortlisted as Top 100 Industrial Park for Bio-pharmaceutical Industry Again

Of late,the Nationwide Top 100 Biomedical Industrial Parks in 2021 was released,and Wuqing Development Zone was shortlisted,ranking the 40th place,an elevation of 3 places when compared with that in 2020.

Based on development status of biopharmaceutical industry parks,CCID Consulting Pharmaceutical and Health Industry Research Center and Sina Pharmaceuticals held an in-depth interpretation on central government and local policies of biopharmaceutical industries,studied and judged future development trends of the biopharmaceutical industry,and applied 386 national parks from the country over as its evaluation objects,engaged in comprehensive selection based on16 indicators in 8 dimensions covering enterprise congregation,propelling of front companies,contribution of output values,space bearing capacity,research and development innovation and so on before releasing the list of top 100 biomedical industrial parks.


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Dating back to 1991,Wuqing Development Zone is a state-level economic and technological development zone,a national-level high-tech industrial park,and the core area of Tianjin National Independent Innovation Demonstration Zone.Propelled by innovation,transformation and upgrading as its main line over the years,the Park takes aim at realizing industrial upgrading,content enhancement,and benefit elevation,focuses on development of three leading industries of biomedicine,smart technology and modern service industries'and inaugurates the new pattern of building a‘portal for coordinated innovation and park of ecological science and technology’.When it comes to layout of biomedicine industry,Wuqing Development Zone has now formed an industrial cluster dominated by biomedicine,precise medicine,medical equipment,health management,and medical big data.To date,around 190 biomedical companies have been settled.


In the future,Wuqing Development Zone will take grips at construction of a characteristic carrier of biomedicine to create a'dot,line and panel'type biomedicine industrial cluster.Moreover,by taking advantage of Beijing-Tianjin biomedicine cutting edge,research talents on basic innovation,and experimental resources,and with synthetic biotechnology as the core advantage,it is to extend development of precise diagnosis technology,biomedicine service outsourcing and other biotechnologies,and to further radiate and drive forth development of biomedical industry clusters in the zone.


Release Time:2021-08-19 14:40:56