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Shortlisted in the List of Top 100 Parks for Advanced Manufacturing Industry Again. Wuqing Development Zone Roundly Initiated the New pattern of High-quality Development


 Of Late,the CCID Consulting Intelligent Equipment Industry Research Center released the report on China's Top 100 Advanced Manufacturing Parks(2021),and Wuqing Development Zone was again shortlisted,ranking the 75th place.

CCID Consulting Intelligent Equipment Industry Research Center has analyzed and evaluated 218 national-level economic development zones and 168 national high-tech zones throughout the country.It has built up the‘five-force’evaluation model on development of parks on advanced manufacturing industry from five dimensions namely overall economic strength,innovation potential,fusion capabilities,industrial cohesion,and green power.By combining with development orientation of advanced manufacturing industry during the'14th Five-Year Plan'period,it has updated and improved some evaluation indicators on ground of research in 2020,and formed the list of top 100 parks for advanced manufacturing industry in 2021.

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Advanced manufacturing forms the main front of scientific and technological innovation and is the leading force in development of global economy in the future.As a state-level economic and technological development zone,a national-level high-tech industrial park,and core area of Tianjin National Independent Innovation Demonstration Zone,Wuqing Development Zone has always been adhering to'propellant by innovation,transformation and upgrading'as its main line,taking a firm hold on'five major innovation platforms',congregating industrial elements,and roundly building up a new ecology for industrial development.Since establishment of the zone,a total of 120 billion yuan of investment has been attracted,including 6.07 billion US dollars of foreign investment.More than 6,000 enterprises from over 50 countries and regions have been established and expanding in this fertile soil.


For now,Wuqing Development Zone has formed a biomedical industry cluster integrating biopharmaceuticals,precise medicine,medical equipment,health management and medical big data,a smart technology industry cluster integrating rail transit,intelligent equipment,special equipment,robots,information innovation,new generation of information technology,automotive core components,artificial intelligence and big data,and and industrial cluster of modern service industry integrating Internet audio-visual,fashion creativity,industrial design,R&D services,intelligent logistics,investment and financing services,marketing services,professional consulting,business,medical care,and education.


In its follow-up move,Wuqing Development Zone is to take root in the new development stage,put into effect the new development concept,take'promoting of high-quality development'as the theme,and follow the overall idea of'congregating of one goal,strengthening of three supports,and improving of four systems'.Alternatively put,it is to put‘building of a distinctive first-rated high-tech park’as its goal,take grip at‘seeking for and building of valleys’,strengthen spatial layout and countenance of modern service industry and system of policies,quicken formation of a scientific and technological innovation system marked by‘dual chain and five platforms’,a modernized industry system,a high-standard system for open-up to the outside and for cooperation and a modernized management and service system,all in an effort to roundly usher in a new pattern of high-quality development in Wuqing Development Zone.


Release Time:2021-08-20 14:45:22